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Danada Dental Patient Testimonials


“Dr.Cardenas is very skilled at what she does. She is knowledgable and makes the experience enjoyable. She is honest and educated and I would recommend her to anyone in the area! She helped me achieve my smile goals!” — Alexis Acernese, Naperville, Illinois

“Had an amazing experience with everyone. They all made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions!” — Dahlia, Downers Grove, Illinois

“I came to see Dr. Brink for a second opinion. I was given other options that my previous dentist did not give me. I am totally happy with my treatment plan. Kim and all of the other office staff and dental assistants are wonderful. Super friendly. Service is always prompt and on time. I do not know what took me so long to go there. Keep up the fantastic work !!” — Dawn S, Lisle, Illinois

“I came to see Christina to get a second opinion. Another dentist told me I needed 5 fillings, and something felt off. Christina did another assessment and assured me I only needed the one. Thank Christina for helping me avoid over-treatment! She was calm, caring, and did a beautiful job. 10/10 would recommend!” — Paige Hullett, Burbank, California

At Danada Dental you get superior treatment. As a patient you are welcomed warmly and regarded as though your dental needs are a top priority to each dental professional you are treated by. The quality of dentistry performed provides a patient with totally satisfactory results. I have referred many to Danada Dental with the confidence that they will be treated well and pleased with their experience. There are a multitude of dental offerings available within this practice including root canals, crowns, veneers, and implants. Between myself and my friends - we've had it all and are extremely satisfied with the results. Members of the staff uphold the professionalism standards yet convey a sincere interest in each patient's well being. I am impressed by not only the quality of dentistry but the quality of dental professionals representing this practice. It is unique to find a dental practice of this caliber.” — Nancy Menditto, Winfield, IL

My family and I have been patients of Danada Square Dental for the past fifteen years and have been very impressed by Dr. Belniak and his staff. They are all courteous, friendly, com-passionate and up-beat. We have appreciated Dr. Belniak's conservative approach to dentistry. He will fix whatever needs fixing but not consider procedures which are not necessary. He takes time to thoroughly explain, in detail, both the problem and the recommended course of action. I'm sure his gentleness is great for younger children as well as many adults. His positive and encouraging manner takes the fear out of going to the dentist. Emergencies have always been met with an immediate and efficient response. Our family highly recommends Dr. Belniak and his team for their dental care.” — Dick Jensen, Wheaton, IL

I have been a patient at Danada Dental for almost 22 years. Having a background in dental office management, I am impressed with all aspects of the office. The dental work itself is exceptional and done with a gentle touch. There has never been any pressure to have any work performed. One gets a feeling of familiarity when coming in, reinforced by the longevity of the staff - it's comforting to have the same people working there and to be able to develop a personal relationship with them. When I had an emergency and needed to come in, I was accommodated quickly - even on the weekend! As a patient, I have always felt that I mattered as a person first and foremost and that the staff cares about me. I would highly recommend Danada Dental to anyone!” — Betsy Bennett, Wheaton, IL

Danada Dental gave me the confidence to smile again! The staff is professional and caring; I was in good hands throughout my treatment. A wonderful experience!” — Sean Burke, Naperville, IL